Joe Rozum 2004

Album Art

Track List

1 – Golden Bond 4:35
Music – Joe Rozum © 2004

2 – Grease Funk 3:40
Music – Joe Rozum © 2004

3 – Fiesta Privada 3:53
Music – Joe Rozum © 2004

4 – Dreamin’ 5:05
Music – Joe Rozum © 2004

5 – Remember When 5:03
Music – Joe Rozum © 2004

6 – On and On 3:43
Music – Joe Rozum © 2004
Lyrics & Vocals – Niki Scalera © 2004

7 – I’ll Write Your Name Up In the Clouds 5:47
Music – Joe Rozum © 2004

8 – Skyline 4:08
Music – Joe Rozum & Stephen Gerzeli © 1990

9 – Never Bottle Up the Blue 3:41
Music – Joe Rozum
Lyrics – Ric Militi
Vocals – Neeyah Lynn Rose

10 – I Love You 5:34
Music – Joe Rozum © 1993

11 – Overdrive 3:52
Music – Joe Rozum © 2004

12 – Carry Me Through 4:58
Music – Joe Rozum
Lyrics – Eugene T. Mattos
Vocals – Helena Buscema

13 – Effortless Affection 5:37
Music – Joe Rozum
Lyrics – Eugene T. Mattos
Vocals – Helena Buscema

14 – Brazilian Getaway 3:33
Music – Joe Rozum © 2004

15 – Nightflight 5:43
Music – Joe Rozum © 2004

Track Samples

Album Notes

Joe Rozum – Piano, Synthesizer, Organ, Strings & Synth Bass
Grant Geissman – Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Robert Kyle – Flute, Soprano, & Tenor Sax
Gary McLaughlin – Percussion, Drum Programming, & Jet Sound EFX
Nicole Garcia – Acoustic & Electric Violin

Produced by: Joe Rozum & Gary McLaughlin
Engineered & Mixed by: Gary McLaughlin
Cover Design – Eugene T. Mattos
Recorded @ DMO Studios in Sherman Oaks, CA

I want to thank GOD, the Creator of music, for giving me the gift and love of playing the piano and composing music that found its’ way from my heart to the recording studio. The feeling of completing my first CD is a bit overwhelming for me, and yet a special feeling of excitement in hearing my music come to life with the amazing musicians, vocalists, & lyricists that gave my project & each song a personality all its own. I am ever so grateful and thankful for everyone who shared their talent with me on my project. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Special thanks to my Mom who had me learn the piano starting at age 6…Mom always said “practice, practice, practice”…Thanks Mom and I love you more than you’ll ever know! And a special thanks to my Dad, by day a dentist and a gifted musician on the weekends, who influenced and encouraged for me to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. I feel Dad has been guiding and leading me through this musical venture from above ever since GOD had called him back in 1978. I miss you Dad and wish you were here today. I would like to thank my first piano teacher, Bob Lilarose for everything. This musical journey has been great and with what the future holds for me, GOD only knows! I hope you enjoy the music as much as I had fun creating, performing, & producing!

Thank You!

To Grant – Your amazing guitar playing and creativity on my project really gave the songs that “Geissman” patent…You Rock Grant!

To Robert – The tasty sax and smooth flute sounds were incredible to record and add such a sweet sound to my songs…Thanks Rob!

To Nicole – Since I first heard you play that violin February 15th, 2004…I knew you were the one that would “violinistic” my songs with your fervor of the instrument…You’re the best Nicole!

To Gary – What can I say my friend of 20 years…Thank you for the long hours & 4 months of recording and percussion you did for me on this project…Wow! We did it & thank you!

To Niki – Your vocals and lyrics seemed to just flow to “On and On” right away… just a powerful voice you’ve got and what fun it was recording with you…Thanks Niki!

To Neeyah Lynn – How much fun performing with you in the past and adding your smooth silky, R&B voice on “Never Bottle Up the Blue” gave it your signature.. Thank you Lynn!

To Helena – You gave my 2 songs written 12 years ago, a rebirth! Wow… God gave you one heck of a voice that erupts with R&B, soul, love & a Buscema blessing! Thanks Helena!

To Ric – When we first wrote and recorded “Never Bottle Up The Blue” in 1994, I loved the lyrics then and even love them more now 10 years later…Thanks Ric, let’s do some more!!!

To Eugene – Thank you so much for not only the incredible cover design & time it took you, but also for the fantastic lyrics from 12 years ago..Wow! God bless you my friend!

To Stephen – When we co-wrote “Skyline” in 1990, I knew we had an incredible song at that time… now 14 years later, I think it’s the bomb!!!!!! Thanks Stephen, more for us to write!


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