Dusk On A Summer Night

Album Art

Track List

1 – La Danse Des Dauphins 6:42
Music – Joe Rozum © 2005

2 – Just From My Heart To Your Heart 5:32
Music – Joe Rozum © 1990

3 – Dusk On A Summer Night 5:06
Music – Joe Rozum © 2005

4 – Boogie Cookin’ 3:15
Music – Joe Rozum © 2005

5 – If Only 4:04
Music – Joe Rozum © 2005
Lyrics – Ric Militi
Vocals – Neeyah Lynn Rose

6 – Piano Pasta 6:36
Music – Joe Rozum © 2005
Bkgd Vocals – Joe, Gary, Helena, & Neeyah Lynn

7 – Fields of Sage 2:33
Music – Joe Rozum © 2005

8 – You Have A Way ABout You 4:25
Music – Joe Rozum © 2005
Lyrics – Eugene T. Mattos
Vocals – Helena Buscema

9 – A Mia Madre, Con L’Amore (To My Mother, With Love) 5:03
Music – Joe Rozum © 2005

10 – Windstorm 5:14
Music – Joe Rozum © 2005

11 – Travelin’ 4:23
Music – Joe Rozum © 2005

Track Samples

Album Notes

Joe Rozum – Piano, Synthesizer, Organ, Strings & Synth Bass
Charles Meeks – Bass on Tracks 4, 8, & 11. Harmonica on Tracks 4 & 8
Grant Geissman – Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Robert Kyle –  Flute, Soprano, & Tenor Sax
Gary McLaughlin – Percussion, Drum Programming, & Sound FX
Nicole Garcia – Acoustic & Electric Violin

Produced by: Joe Rozum & Gary McLaughlin
Engineered and Mixed by: Gary McLaughlin
Cover Design and Graphics by: Eugene T. Mattos
Piano Photography by: Rebecca Righi
Recorded at DMO Studios in Sherman Oaks, CA

One Godly thank you to the man upstairs high in the clouds, whom one day we will all meet, who helped me make this CD possible! What a fun project to write, record, & produce! All of the songs were a blast to write, but the one dearest to my heart is track #9 which I devoted to my mother. A really special mother who has encouraged me to follow my music journey to music school in Boston and onward to California. This song captures all of my emotions in thanking Mom for being such a special, loving, and caring person in my life. This one’s for you Mom! Love ya lots!

A special thanks to 2 of my fantastic piano teachers: Bob Lilarose, my first piano teacher from age 6 to 11 years and my college teacher, Emanuel “Mr. Z” Zambelli from Berklee College of Music in Boston. I will forever remember your guidance and teachings…Thank you for everything!

A huge thank you to my very special niece Rebecca Righi, for shooting the fun photo session of me on the piano.. You captured the moment Rebecca! Love you!

A gigantic thank you to everyone who played on this project for me! My dream to complete this CD in 5 months was made possible by all of us working together with our crazy schedules! Again, from the bottom of my heart. A huge thank you to everyone in making these songs come may God bless all of you….You all rock!

Godspeed, Joe

To Charles – From having the opportunity to meet you while in Boston over 20 years ago, and being friends for a long, long time…Your Bass & Harmonica put that special ‘Meeks Magic’ touch into my songs! Yooooooooou are amazing Charles, A huge thank you…You’re the best!

To Grant – What can I say…You are the incredible guitarist that added such magic to all of my songs! You definitely made my CD rock! Thank you Grant!

To Robert – Amazing Again! Well worth the wait for you to come in and put your ‘Kyle Logo’ on my songs! Thank you Rob!

To Nicole – Your violin sound is heavenly..Thank you for the angelic and silky music you added on my CD, wouldn’t have done it without you. Thanks Nicole!

To Gary – Another CD down…Wow, and in record time! Thanks to you, this project moved from song to song…for all the hard work Gary. I thank you!

To Neeyah Lynn – your ‘ballady’ voice just glides on ‘if only’..You put the song in another beautiful mood! Thank you Neeyah Lynn, it’s gorgeous!

To Helena – Another Rock & Blues Performance from you.. You gave this song a vibe it needed that only you could make rock! Grazie…..Grazie Helena!

To Ric – Such a beautiful lyrics to ‘if only’… and now 12 years later, the song is revived with such a great feeling, it’s a smash ballad Ric.. A Grazie to you Ric!

To Eugene – The graphics & art design are awesome, what fun it was getting to the cover design done! And a thank you for another set of lyrics that fit so fantastic! Let’s keep em going! You rock brother!


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