Day Break

Album Art

Track List

1 – A Summer Walk on the Beach 3:50

2 – A Smile of Memories 4:12

3 – Day Break 4:09

4 – ClyBon 3:31

5 – The Invitation 4:17

6 – Storm Front 3:46

7 – Missing You 3:52

8 – Piano Roulette 4:42

9 – Cirque du Calypso 2:50

10 – The Silence 3:45

11 – Just Groove It 3:34

All music written by Joe Rozum
Copyright 2012
All rights reserved

Track Samples

Album Notes

Joe Rozum – Piano, Strings, Marimba
Grant Geissman – Acoustic and 12 String Guitars
Bill Churchville – Flugelhorn
Gary McLaughlin – Drum Programming and Conga Programming
A Summer Walk on the Beach…just a fun smoothing song that takes you to the beach…With the added ocean for a little ambiance.

A Smile of Memories…This solo piano piece was written for my Annie (my 8 year old Lab rescue).. She is such a great and loving dog with those big caramel eyes..She is filled with such love and licks…She puts a smile on my face each and every day!

Day Break…A song that could probably be used for a theme song somewhere down the road! To me, the flugelhorn melody is gorgeous…along with the guitar tracks.

ClyBon…I wrote this song over a year ago and I dedicate this to my first 2 dogs in California who are now the heavens watching down on me…Dedicated to Clyde and Bonnie!

The Invitation…A song that came to me through a party invitation that was very…let’s say unique!

Storm Front…A song that actually was added as a last minute filler for the CD that I had fun completing in a very, very short time…complete with all of the storm sound effects.

Missing You…I dedicate this song to 3 incredible, inspirational, & loving friends that were called to heaven in 2010…The title of the song says it all! In loving Memory to: Sister Bernadette Murphy, Syster Mary Campbell, and Monsignor John V. Sheridan from Malibu, CA…until we meet again!

Piano Roulette…A funky, upbeat piano track that has lots of zest, punch, and energy…Enjoy!

Cirque du Calypso… Loving Calypso music, I never wrote this type of song before…so heeeeeere it is!

The Silence…I wrote this song as an experiment over a year ago and it just grew on me…The left hand crosses over the right hand to play the melody,while the right hand plays the bass…kinda cool.

Just Groove it…This song was another last minute filler for the CD…just a fun groove track that features me, Grant, and Bill having fun recording in the studio…Hang back and groove along!

Wow, it’s been nearly 4 years since my last CD project…And now my fifth CD is completed and ready for your listening pleasure. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone that has been so supportive of me and my music…and have attended my shows! I appreciate it so very much!

So I started Day Break in July of 2012 and it was completed 3 weeks later in August of 2012. I had lots of fun with this project… A number of my original solo piano selections, some added sound effects and three 3 songs that have both gorgeous guitar tracks by Grant Geissman and gorgeous flugelhorn tracks by Bill Churchville. Thank you both Grant and Bill for your great musicianship on my CD…YOU GUYS ROCK! And another Thank You to Gary McLaughlin for our 5th CD project together… lots of fun making #5…great working with you Gary. And a final Thank you to Pat Boren for the great work you did on the cover design and the graphics on my CD package… I think you had too much fun, looks great!


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