Joe Rozum on the Piano

…Seamless fusion of smooth jazz and pop — this is what best reveals Joe Rozum as an artist and composer.  His signature sound may be soothing piano ballads, but Rozum is well known for violin duets and performances with a full band.  His music has inflections of cool blues, soundtrack themes, gospel, and a hint of classical, which come from many musical influences ranging all over the map…

5 Original Albums


“Joe Rozum’s musical ability knows no bounds. His delightful arrangements combine superb talent and beautiful composition that allow you to enjoy, relax, and appreciate this marvelously talented musician.”
-JoAnn Righi

“I bought both CDs and loved both for their originality and the different styles from both CDs. Hopefully he will be touring so we can have the pleasure of seeing him on stage.”
-Bob Fitzgerald

“I enjoy listening to Joe Rozum’s music! It takes you places only one can imagine. He is a very talented songwriter and his music is relaxing, fun, and enjoyable. I have all of Joe’s CDs, they are well worth the price.”
-Mark Boskovich

A talented musician, gifted pianist and composer. Magical in concert in pop, jazz and blues.
-Martin Sheen

“Joe Rozum is quite simply a genius…his music is capable of not just entertaining, but calming, healing, romanticizing as well as rockin’ out!!!”
-Dyan Cannon

Track Samples

“I’ve heard Joe do jazzy background music at big events.  I’ve heard him deftly change the party mood to an “up feeling” in my living room.  But hearing him in person at Pepperdine changed everything about imaging him as a musician. He rules the stage! He makes me laugh & sway & close my eyes to get lost in the guts of superior crazy good piano playing. YOU don’t forget these things! He’s a stick to your ribs musician I’d go way out of my way to see!!”
-Director Betty Thomas

Joe Rozum is a fine pianist & composer. His music is a unique blend of old school American songbook and stylized contemporary genres. Joe’s recordings are an enjoyable experience, as are his performances!
-Director Martin Guigui