After Midnight

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Track List

1 – Forevermore 3:38

2 – Be Still 4:00

3 – After Midnight 4:14

4 – A Mia Madre Con L’Amore (To My Mother With Love) Part 2 3:32

5 – Rain 3:09

6 – Memories of My Life 4:10

7 – Goodnight 4:32

8 – A Keepsake Moment 4:13

9 – The Answered Prayer 3:57

10 – Sunrise 4:40

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Album Notes

All music written by Joe Rozum
Copyright 2008 Joe Rozum
All rights reserved
I have always wanted to do a solo piano CD… and now my fourth CD is a compilation of my solo piano compositions. Each of these 10 songs have been really special and fun to write and record in the studio… 6 of the songs are solo piano, 3 are piano and violin duets and Sunrise, is a composition mixed with piano and synthesizer for a nice and relaxing setting.

I want to thank Jesus for his incredible violin talents…you captured the feeling for all 3 songs Jesus and I thank you for filling in to do the session at the last minute! Thank you and I look forward to working with you in the future!

And lastly…thank you Gary-completing CD #4 was really a lot of fun and we sure had a blast recording and producing this one…and we completed everything right on time…YOU ROCK GARY!

Sharif Lutfi, THANK YOU very much for your incredible photography, and graphic artwork. Thanks for being so patient with me in creating such an incredible CD cover… I wish you all the best in your career!

I want to thank everybody for attending my shows and being so supportive of my music…I can’t thank you enough and it means the world to me!

You can always feel free to contact me at my email address [email protected] or my website

Thank you for listening and may GOD bless ya with tons of love, happiness, and laughter!

-Joe Rozum


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